Thursday, September 3, 2009


This is one of my many sisters, Lisa.

Taken by her camera. :) I'm the one of the right.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

RL pics.

Only 1 for now. That's the limit mom put :)


Yes I still play with dolls. Not real ones , but online ones. I only use it for outfit porpoises though;)
This doll above is called Nadia. She's my favorite doll, mostly becuase she is such a chic setter!
I love her carefree nonchalant look, mixed medevil tastes, and night hawk lights! She's smart and witty by day, and very sentimental at night.If I could fill the white canvas she is standing at, it would be a city theme, with her buddies.
Nadia is carefree and fun to be with. The perfect example of a friend.
Nadia is an example I truly live by.
Mostly, I get my websites from my sister Freida. She's my older sister, and likes doll websites too!
au revior

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Middle School pictures(RANt)

This is Mollay!!

Bonjour. in this post I have 2 pictures. Of my Middle School and the middle school I was about to go to. Central. Its like 200 years old with mold in the Girl's locker rooms... I live in a giantic town and theres like thousands of people there. Our school is a gay preppy school, and everyone wears abercrombie(EWW) and where atheletic skills are judged(BAD EH?)Nobody dreses nice .

No really, me and Grace was supposed to go to Atlantic Middle, but we went to AP, so yeash .I was going to go to Atlantic, considering it was easier,and nicer teachers... It looked smaller too.Plus I can get there in like 3 minutes, but I have to walk to the busy big center of Quincy for 1 hour to go to central.:

EVERY Tuesdays( Tuesdays are half days for us) Most of us go to PapaGino's for pizza.Almost everyone wore abercrombie,hollister,ae(One of my faves), or aero(for posers). One day me grace brian, arianna,Carly a 8th grader,and Monica mimi's 8th grade sister, and mimi(akaSam) were eating pizza and sodas(but I had fruit punch cause I hate soda and I'm a ballerina) 3 other girls a year older than us(we're going to 7th grade) They were at 7th grade at the time and we were at 6th.

Well I was evesdropping, and looking at them, because they acted so nervous and strange. they walked out of the building, and i saw smoke coming out. The police came a short while after.

Turns out the girls were using marajuana. Illeagel and scary..I'm super frenzied when I walk through the halls.Had I wished to go to Atlantic? yes:(


Here's photos. Atlantic on top/central on bottom

I know its a bit hurried..

I've begged my mom to go to the mall to do some school clothes shopping. I got what I wanted for.We're going on Saturday! I know I have already spent $200 at Marshall's but I can spend more are the mall..wasteful? yes. But my mom is getting a $20,000 raise this year, $80,000 in all.( She completed her CPA exam)

My dad on the other hand only makes $10,000 a year selling Science Equipment...but I adore him anyway :)

heres some pictures of the mall
Yay! I can't wait! There will be a Nordstorm opening, soon. These are Christmas Mall Pictures of South Shore Plaza ;)
Isn't it delightful to walk into a christmas mall? Or any large mall? It s like Eloise's christmas..ahh.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sing a New Song..

Hello lovelys!
This is my second attempt to start a blog. I am sure I will keep this one running, and I do hope to do so.
However, this one is more about personal situations than other things.
I will not be posting pictures, unless by any chance I can buy a camera:)
I can post pictures of friends videos on youtube though ;)
This is very akward, when you start out ..
Heres a starter- I'm Molly. And I'm gastardly bored.
My blog was inspired by Russian folklore- it is all so warm and friendly!
Fall is coming nere to Massachusetts. We are having a quite warm warm summer, and even though i apply sunscreen the sun gives me a tan .
I cannot wait for fall.
Thats the most nicest season.
Au Revior..